Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wife Points Wednesday: THIS Much!

Today's WPW is a silly little craft that can be made in minutes, but is still very cute. I found this inspiration photo over at Tiffkeetch:

I'm sure it was designed for kids as a Father's Day card but who says big kids can't play too?? Here are the steps:

#1 Cut a piece of paper about 1" x 12" long and fold at every inch in opposite directions (to make accordion) or do like I did and crease w/ a paper cutter.

#2 Using colored card stock, or scrapbook paper glued to card stock, trace around each of your hands and cut out.

* For bonus Wife Points DO NOT use your husband's new Cabela's catalog for your glue stick mat.

#3 Glue the two ends of your zig-zag piece inside the two hands and attach alphabet stickers or write the letters to spell out "THIS MUCH"

#4 Decorate the outside of the front hand with "I Love You...". I also signed & dated the right hand so it had something on it too. You could use that as the "message" part of the card.

I am totally going to be the mom that embarrasses her kids with notes in their lunch box!

Happy Wife Points Wednesday!

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  1. Hi Congrats on Liebster award. I am your newest follower, love the clever hands..plan to try myself. You blog is fun!