Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wife Points Wednesday: Mending

It's hard to tell from the photo, but we've had quite a tall stack of holey clothing piling up. Right there on top is one of my husband's most frequently worn shirts, which so happened to have 4 holes in it. All along the seams, thankfully!

For WPW this week I decided to bite the bullet and get all the mending done. When my husband came home from work last night he went into our bedroom to change out of his work clothes and came out wearing that Nike shirt. He looked really happy so I said, "That's a nice shirt." To which he said, "Yea, this is one of my favorite shirts. I haven't seen it in awhile."

He didn't even notice that a) it had a hole in it, let alone 4, b) it's been sitting in a pile on top of my sewing machine for about 2 months, or c) that the holes were now gone. But, I know he appreciated that I mended it... after I told him I did.

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