Friday, June 24, 2011

Good Deed Day: A Simple "Green" Birthday Gift

In honor of Birthday Month, I put together a special Good Deed Day for a coworkers birthday that was simple and very inexpensive.

A coworker of mine had a birthday last week. She only works with us one day a week and I'm pretty sure she wasn't expecting anyone to give her a gift but I wanted to do something to show her how much I appreciate her help around the office. I happen to know that she is a little bit of a chocolate snob- she likes really good, rich, high cocoa content chocolate. So, when I saw a bunch of chocolate on clearance at Target last week I immediately thought of her. For about $3.50 I bought 3 bars of chocolate (retail value around $8).

This person lives probably the greenest lifestyle of anyone I've ever met and I know she hates wrapping paper. Or rather, she reuses everything and never wraps a gift in something that wasn't recycled so I knew I had to find a creative wrapping idea that she could get some use out of.

I dug around in my fabric scrap bin and pulled out a piece just large enough to wrap the chocolate bars.

I tied two opposite corners together.

Then tied the other two together on top & attached a paper tag.

If you ever find small paper tags like these I really suggest buying a pack. I get so much use out of them, especially for last minute gifts like this for which I don't have an actual birthday card. I'm not so much a fan of paying $3-$5 for a piece of paper that is likely going to get thrown away. I have a new rule: I'm only going to buy cards for those people/events for which I would write a special personal message inside. No more wasting paper & money for "Happy Birthday! Love, Tracy." That can fit on a gift tag!

Anyone else want to join me in my Courtesy Card Boycott?

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  1. That is a great way to wrap a gift. I usually like to use a ponytail holder or a hairclip as the bow for gifts. I guess it's easy to take it a step further and wrap with scarves tied with the hairclips!
    Did your co-worker like the gift?