Friday, June 3, 2011

Good Deed Day: Hip2Help Tour

A couple posts ago I told you about Hip2Save's upcoming Hip2Help Tour. At least I think I did. I did, didn't I? If not, I should have and I'll tell you more about it now.

The very first couponing blog I started reading years ago was Hip2Save: Not Your Grandma's Couponing Site. I absolutely love this blog and read it everyday!

Well Collin over at Hip2Save is doing an amazing thing this summer to help out victims of this year's recent string of nasty tornadoes all across the country. This benefit tour will make 4 stops in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee to give out much needed supplies and assistance to those affected.

They are currently collecting supplies to hand out on the tour: health & beauty items, cleaning supplies, paper products and personal care items, among others. These types of items are some of easiest for couponers to get for free or at low, low prices and many of us have more than needed in our stockpile. Specifically, they suggested everyone sending along all the little bottles of shampoo, condition, mouthwash and bars of soap that everyone collects from hotels (I know I'm not the only one!) and the free samples we all receive in the mail now & again.

Well, if you remember from my closet organization project last week I pulled out a ton of those little hotel bottles and bars to send to the Hip2Help Tour. This weekend I got them all boxed up and ready to mail out.

I wanted to write this post to remind everyone again about the Hip2Help Tour and encourage everyone to help in any way they can. The box I am going to mail will probably only cost me a couple bucks and I won't even miss the items I'm sending. Think of how much good can be done if everyone sent in even just what could fit in the smallest USPS flat rate mailing box (which only costs $5.20 to mail)!

Be sure to check out Hip2Save for more information on the Hip2Help Tour!

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