Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In the Mail Today: Birthday Month!

Today's "In the Mail Today" post (redundant?) is extra special because it's kicking off a month long string of posts celebrating birthdays! Wonder why? Oh, I dunno.... perhaps because June is my birthday month?!?

Every year I forget about all the awesome deals and coupons and special offers that come in during my birthday month, that is... until the very first offer pops up!


A $10 off a $10 purchase coupon from Kohls! I can't even tell you how excited I was! I was so excited I decided to dedicate the month to a birthday theme: birthday deals/offers, special (inexpensive) ways to celebrate birthdays, frugal birthday party ideas, special recipes you'd only make for someone on their birthday, etc. Even if it isn't your birthday month, I hope you stick around for all the celebrating!

(I probably received this coupon because I'm a Kohls card carrier... and an MVP shopper! That's how I roll! But I'll look into how you too can get a birthday present from Kohls and report back.)

I also received a mailer for a free John Deere hat, but that has nothing to do with my birthday. After three summers of push mowing our acre of lawn we finally broke down and bought a John Deere riding lawn mower. I wish I had a photo of my husband's face when it was delivered- priceless!

I believe my Facebook status that day was: "If you told my 24-year-old self that my 27-year-old self would be living in Central PA, married, and the proud owner of a John Deere tractor, I probably wouldn't have believed you." (When I was 24 I was much more concerned with the new hot martini flavor than anything else, least of all getting married or buying a tractor.) A friend from high school posted in response that her & her husband had just bought one too and that she was stoked about the free pink JD hat she got at the dealership.

Errrrr! Excuse me what?? My husband only came home with one green JD hat! There was some 'splaining to do! Luckily for him John Deere's primary focus is my happiness because they immediately sent out this free hat offer, which includes the choice of green or pink. Now, both my friend and I will be cutting grass in style this summer!

The other item pictured was a free sample of John Freida hair care products that I signed-up for on If you aren't already hip to this game, has a special section on their home page, down to the left on the side bar labeled "In Stores Now." Located here are links to a printable coupons page, a free sample page and some money saving tips.

Like I say, if it's free it's for me so I sign-up for just about any free sample someone is willing to send me. As an added bonus, free samples often some with higher value coupons than you usually find anywhere else. Walmart is currently offering samples for Revitalens contact solution, Carefree pantyliners and Tena protection pads.

Did you get anything awesome in the mail this week?

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