Thursday, June 23, 2011

Household Tip: Cleaning the Oven Window

The self-cleaning oven may be the greatest invention of the 20th century. Well, top 100 at least. I have never cleaned an oven with elbow grease. We are a spoiled generation! Now if only I could remember to not start the self-cleaning in the middle of winter when it's too cold to open the windows!

For some reason, my oven window seems to have gotten awfully filthy since the last cleaning. Either the self-cleaning doesn't work on the window or perhaps I spilled an entire pot of grease on it without noticing. Who knows, but here is it:

I must really consider you all friends since I keep showing you my most embarrassing household messes!

I've become addicted to the blog Ask Anna Moseley. I really want to know how this one woman has managed to find solutions to each & every possible mess one can make! She is like the Jedi Knight of Cleaning. (Did I really just tell a Star Wars joke?) Anywho, she did a post one day on cleaning your oven window so I had to give it a shot.

It was really simple- just baking soda & water.

The first time I tried it I think my paste as a little runny and I wasn't completely satisfied with the results so I gave it a second attempt with a much thicker paste. I waited 20 minutes each time before wiping it off because Anna said you could in extreme situations. I considered my oven glass an extreme situation.

To be honest, the glass didn't get as clean as I was hoping but to Anna's credit mine was much dirtier than hers. I guess I can't expect a miracle if I'm not willing to scrub a little.


It's still a lot better than it was, so I'm happy. Perhaps one day I'll break out the gloves and Brillo pad. I'm not sure I would hold your breath though!

Does anyone else out there have another suggestion for getting those last few pesky bits of stuck on grease? If so, please leave a comment below or email me at


  1. Napalm?

    I kid.

    I've scraped mine with a razor before, I'm sure there are a billion reasons why one doesn't do that, but it's glass and that's how I get paint off glass so I figured it would work. It did.

  2. I've used an SOS pad (or Brillo or whatever you have). Just like the above comment, I'm sure there are a billion reasons why one doesn't do that, but it works for me. Start out gently, only applying as much pressure as is necessary. I think the soap that is in the pad kind of acts as a buffer between the stainless and the glass.

  3. 2 great suggestions from the other posters above. As well as the baking soda idea posted in this blog. Have you tried mixing it with white vinegar rather than water? it really does make a difference.

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