Monday, June 20, 2011

Modern Translation: The Awesome Wife’s Guide (Rule #8)

So... I swear I posted this last week. I can even see it on the Facebook feed but yet it's nowhere to be found on the blog. I'm beginning to experience first hand the joys of blogger. I apologize for the double-post & a new MT Rule will be coming shortly! 

(This is the 9th post of this series. To read the entire series, click on the label to the left that reads "Modern Translation Series.")
* Be happy to see him. 

I am- always! :) 

I don't know how I could not be happy to see my husband- he is amazing! As I type, he is out mowing our acre of land so the yard looks nice while we eat Father's Day dinner on the new front porch he built me on Saturday for my birthday. A-MAZ-ING!

Here are 10 reasons why I can't help but be happy around my husband:

1) My husband is respectful and appreciative of my father. They work very well together & enjoy conversations with one another. 

2) My husband finds reasons to drive my car just so he can fill up my gas tank. 

3) My husband once answered the question "How would you feel about having a special needs child?" by saying, "I can't think of two better people to raise a special needs child than us."

4) My husband is quick to admit when he is wrong, and apologizes within 10 minutes (99% of the time). (Every wife out there knows what an amazing trait this is!)

5) My husband says "Thank you" to me... all the time!

6) My husband writes the most amazing messages in cards, and not just to me. Any card, to anyone.. he always finds the best thing to say.

7) My husband makes the bed every morning.

8) My husband once drove straight through from Pennsylvania to Florida... and straight through back again, so I didn't have to learn how to drive a manual transmission. 

9) My husband bought me my first sewing machine. 

10) My husband eats anything I cook... and I mean anything!

Dear 1950's Housewife, 

I cannot imagine being in a marriage where I wasn't happy to see my husband when he came home. I once had a friend tell me, of her (ex-)husband, "Life is just so much easier when he isn't around." I am so grateful to have a husband that makes my life easier, more fun, and much, much happier! I love taking time to reflect on what a great man he is and while I don't really need it, it can't hurt to have a reminder to express to him how happy he makes me!

Have a pleasant day,

The 2010s Housewife


  1. This was wonderful...I wish I felt that way... :o/

  2. I am always happy to see Brian. Even if somedays it's mainly because the kids are driving me nuts and I need back up :)