Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Project Strategy

Awhile ago I read about a cleaning strategy on another blog. (Sorry, I can't remember which one.) It suggested that, when you have a lot of tasks on the to-do list, that you work on one item for 20 minutes, then switch to another for 20 minutes, going back & forth until both are done. I think this was meant for cleaning (i.e.: clean for 20 minutes, read blogs for 20 minutes, clean for 20 minutes, and so on & so forth).

I tried that this week and, well, it didn't work for me. I had so much trouble staying focused on anything. So, I came up with a new strategy- one room at a time.

I started first with my bedroom, then the guest room, kitchen and living room. In each room I asked the following questions: What needs done? What needs fixed? What isn't working for us? What needs a solution?

In the bedroom, I first attacked the mound of laundry that needed put away. Then changed the bedding and washed the windows. When I asked "What isn't working for us?" I immediately looked at the top of our closet.

Love my awesome closet organization system the Hubs installed for me for my birthday last year?? I do!

If you are wondering what you are looking at, it's a purse explosion- threatening to be a purse avalanche. This definitely needed a solution. In came some hooks leftover from another project.

I had to bend the hooks open and then I hand screwed them into the ceiling.

We have some order and now I can easily see what bags I have to pick from. Much better! Now onto my husband's side:

I probably spent about half an hour walking in circles around Walmart looking for a solution to this problem. I needed something to help his clothing items stay in stacks and wanted at least 3 stacks. Most of the bins/containers I found were too wide to fit 3 within the 34" I had to work with or too small to be useful. I also wanted the Hubs to be able to see everything and not have to pull down a basket to get at things.

The ideal solution would have been something like this:

Home Essentials Wire Shelf Divider from Walmart

But no, my store didn't have those. I was about to abandon the cause when I came across this:

A 6-compartment hanging closet organizer for $9. I know what you are thinking, "but that provides vertical storage and you need horizontal storage!" Well, turn that 6-compartment hanging closet organizer 90 degrees to the side and looky:

Look how wonderfully organized my husbands work clothes (as in household work) and 3 sets of fatigues look up on that shelf! (Note to self: Ask husband if he has a past military life I know nothing about.)

Easy to see? Check.
Easy to get at? Check.
Cheap? Check.
Reusable in case he vetos my organizational efforts? Check.

I did have to fold up the last two compartments because it was too long but otherwise it's pretty much what Martha ordered. (Get it? Like "what the doctor ordered" but with Martha, the Doctor of Organization!)

I love it! Fingers cross he does too! I'm going to consider this Mission Accomplished!

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