Friday, June 10, 2011

Good Deed Day: Stockpile Boxes

I touched a little bit upon using stockpile items for good deeds in my post about the Hip2Help Tour but I wanted to talk more about Stockpile Boxes.

I LOVE gifting Stockpile Boxes. Basically, I've been fortunate enough to amass a nice little stockpile of household items thanks to my adventures in couponing. Sometimes, certain categories of my stockpile get a little too large, usually toothpaste. I have a few family friends that are going through some rough times financially and can use & appreciate any help that comes from the heart.

I keep a couple USPS flat rate boxes on hand at all times. I start by setting up an empty box for each family and as items come into the stockpile that we can't use, don't use or have too many of, and that I know they can use, I put them in the box. Once the box is full (usually 3-4 times a year) I tape it up and send it their way.

It costs $15 to mail w/ the USPS flat rate and usually costs me less than a $1 total out of pocket for everything that fits within.

I made up a summer fun box for a friend who has two little girls.

Here is everything that fits inside:

5 tubes of Colgate toothpaste
Herbal Essences shampoo & conditioner 
Purex complete 3-in-1
Coppertone sunscreen
Hello Kitty Band-aids
Sense & Spray air freshener
Venus Spa Breeze razor
CVS Brand hand soap
2 packages of fun, summery stationary from Target clearance
Pillsbury cake mix
Betty Crocker funfetti frosting

I think the girls will have a lot of fun crafting with the stationary & baking cupcakes with their hello kitty band-aids on scraped knees. I'm sure mom will appreciate a little pampering with the Venus razor and hand soap. 

I also keep a laundry basket near my stockpile for items that I don't think my friends can use or products we just have too many of. Twice a year I donate everything in this basket to a local women's shelter. Feminine products and hair care products are two items that I find it easy to get for free/cheap, which I know the shelter can really use. 

Anyone else a fan of stockpile boxes?