Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wife Points Wednesday: I've Got Your Back!

Today's WPW post isn't exciting or fun & there aren't any photos- sorry kids. It is however, really really awesome for my husband... and his back.

See, we are moving onto Phase 2 of our new deck project which is building a small landing above the old broken down concrete slab that connects our deck and the breezeway. Last weekend the Hubs put in the two cement footers needed for the foundation of the landing- and digging the two post holes just about killed him!

The Hubs has an old back injury from high school days that I can't imagine is fun to live with. He still, somehow, manages to do everything... if not more... than a husband without a back injury would do around the house. What else can I say? He's AMAZING!

Well, Phase 3 of the deck will require at least 9 post holes for the extension we plan to add on. I know my husband is dreading it and I just can't bring myself to let him dig them himself again. So, I rearranged the project budget a bit and am calling in a professional contractor friend to dig the holes. I know my husband can do it but why should he break his back just to save a couple bucks? (Or maybe a little more than a couple.)

I am focused on frugal living and pride myself on how much money we do manage to save but when it comes to our health and safety- it's non negotiable! Sometimes you have to step back and put decisions into perspective when making choices like these.

Hubs- I got your back!

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