Friday, June 24, 2011

Birthday Card Round-Up

To feed my Pinterest addiction, I've put together another Birthday Idea Round-Up for you. Here are some cute birthday cards that anyone could recreate:
Candy & money- just what very kid wants! You could potentially create this for any age kid... you know, even like 28 (and my mailing address is.... j/k)!

Oh So Beautiful Paper
Funny, Funny! Honestly though... I'd probably forget my own birthday if it wasn't for Facebook!

Cargo Collective
It would be so easy to make a card similar to this, and with very few materials. I personally would much rather decide when to celebrate with confetti than receive a surprise confetti explosion from inside a card.  My vacuum would thank you for this card!

Steve Roggenbuck - Etsy Shop
I could totally see my husband giving this card. Hell, I could see myself giving this card. There are so many stupid cards on the market these days! 

Martha Stewart
Oh Martha, you've done it again! I could totally make this card! If you know me personally, you should be surprised if you don't get this cute card on your next birthday! 

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