Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Clean Under Sink

Underneath the kitchen sink was probably the only space I had yet to clean & organize after moving into my husband's home. It had become sort of scary to me. I knew there was all sorts of stuff shoved into the back of the under sink and I assumed perhaps a few creepy crawlers too. I figured if I wasn't going to tackle it over Housewife Week I probably never would. So, I ventured into the unknown....

It wasn't as bad as I was expecting and didn't come across one spider. I did however find a few surprises that I'm guessing came with the house:

Was I even alive when Dove bottles looked like this?

Two bottles of carpet shampoo for carpet cleaning machines. We don't own a carpet cleaner. Hum....

Drum roll for the after photo....

I have a nice big container for all my dishwasher soap tablets on the right and a place to hang my rubber gloves. I also now have all my cleaning products in the bin to the left so they are easy to grab & easy to put away. I have no excuse now for leaving my Lysol bottle sitting on the kitchen counter!

Since I already had the wire shelf the only purchase I made for this project were the two door bins. I bought those at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $14.99 each. Minus 20% (coupon!) plus tax and the total for both was around $25. I'm sure there were cheaper options available but I was at BB&B anyway and I thought these looked like good, sturdy baskets that would last a long time and were large enough to hold just about anything.

Do you have a scary space in your house that you avoiding cleaning & organizing?

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