Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday Cake Round-Up!

Who doesn't want to look at photos of yummy birthday cakes in the middle of the afternoon?? I will apologize in advance for any diets that get broken as a result of this post! 

I haven't had a birthday cake in years. I am a birthday banana cream pie sort-of gal but I still covet after these cakes:

Rainbow Cake from Gay Agenda
Ice Cream Cone Cake from One Charming Party
Orea Cake from Everything Fab
Shut your mouth! Is that a cake made entirely of Oreos?!?

Doodle Cake from Sweet Apolita
How adorable! I think any kid (or kid at heart) would love to doodle on their own birthday cake!

Jar Cake from Babble.com
Talk about easy clean-up! Put a lid on it and you've got cake for the road!

This is too much fun... must... stop... looking... at... cakes!!!! 

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