Monday, June 20, 2011

I Went Shopping: Feline Stockpile

I went shopping this week at my local Discount Grocery Outlet, otherwise known as The Dented Can Store. I used to always be able to find my cat's expensive diet food there but have been disappointed that they didn't have any my last few times. Well, I hit the jackpot this trip!

I bought 40 pounds of cat liter and 24.5 pounds of Purina One for just $36.44! I priced out what this would have cost me at my grocery store and it was over $61! That's a 60% savings. I'm hoping this lasts our big boy a couple months!

I think it's time for the big man's online debut:

That's my Techie cat. He doesn't like the camera flash. I know he looks smallish but I assure you he isn't. He weights 20 pounds... 19.5 on a good day. Hence the diet food.

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