Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My name is Tracy, but you can call me Martha: Tiered Organizer

This is such a knock-off project, but when I saw Kristen from The Crafting Chick's guest post on Mary Janes and Galoshes I just had to make one of my own!

Here is Kristen's beautiful tiered organizer:

The Crafting Chicks

How cute! Can you tell what it's made out of? TIN PIE PANS!!

I figured there had to be a million tin pie pans at my local antique store so I headed down right away. As it turns out, there are only about 12 tin pie pans there, most of which were priced between $5-$10. Seriously??? For a used, somewhat rusty old pie pan. Paleaze people! I did manage to find a few, for just $2.25 total, but I had to settle on the sizes- they weren't exactly what I was looking for but they will do.

Here's my version:

I wish I had put something in the photo to show scale. It's a little large and in charge!

While I loved how Kristen left her tin pans untouched, mine weren't in the best condition. Once again, I opted to spray paint without first priming. Probably not the best decision in this regard. I felt like I was spray painting for days. Of course, it didn't help that central PA unleashed about a zillion tons of water on the area last week. Rain doesn't make for the best spray painting weather, or else this post would have been up over a week ago.

I used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Satin Finish in Pistachio for the trays. I bought the two candlesticks in the center at the Dollar Tree in two different heights and painted those my new favorite spray paint in the whole wide world: Krylon Brushed Metallic Satin Finish in Sesame Shimmer. I love this color! Admittedly, my judgment might be swayed a bit by the fact that I found two bottles of it at Walmart on clearance for $1 each but still, it's a very pretty brownish/goldish metallic color. I glued them onto the pans with E6000, my go-to glue for most crafting projects.

So I made this pretty thing and then my husband came in and said "Where are you going to put that?" Uhhhhh.... I had no idea. I just HAD to make one but I had no plans whatsoever for it. This might be my first clue that I have a spray painting problem but I'm not ready to admit it yet.

It ended up finding a home, at least for the time being, in our living room, as you'll see in my upcoming living room mini-makeover post.

Anyone else crafting with reckless abandon or is it just me??

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  1. This is SO cute with so many possibilities! Love the color you chose also! Thrift stores are the best source for these kinds of pans or Goodwill. Usually less than a dollar! Your organizer looks great!

  2. Beautiful! I'm trying to figure out where I need an organizer like this just so I have a reason to make one. Think...think...think..I'm sure it will come to me...Like they say, "if you build it they will come! :)

  3. Hilarious Tanya! I apparently have a tendency to build things first and come up with the reason later. Go for it and send me a photo/link so I can see how awesome it is when you do! I appreciate the comment and thanks for stopping by The 2010's Housewife!

  4. LOVE this!


  5. LOVE it!! I may just have to make one for my craft room to hold all the embellishments I seem to be accumulating!

  6. This is so cute! I have the same problem... I really like this and want to make one, but somehow, I don't have a giant apartment/mansion with space for it... but I've got to figure out somewhere to put it so I can make one! I'm your newest follower - love the blog! : )

  7. How creative! I'm so NOT a crafty person and probably will mess up any project on hand! LOL. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tiered organizer, Martha...I mean Tracy. :)


  8. I saw that post too and fell in love with this project..so far I haven't gone anywhere to find some cake pans but it's in the back of my mind as a want to do but have no idea where I'm going to put it...love your blog...!!

  9. I can see this standing in the corner of my kitchen counter holding all the things that right now is filling up three bowls spread out on that said counter. Thanks for sharing.

  10. LOVE this idea. Must find some old cake pans.... Thanks for sharing

  11. I just saw a ton of cake and pie pans at the thrift store...grabbing my keys and running! Thanks for sharing, this would be great in my sewing room!

  12. Love the colors you used here! I'm a big Krylon fan but haven't reied Pistachio yet. Can't wait to try it!
    Found you at Shabby Chic Cottage!

  13. Love this...and the color is great, too...now go fill it up!

  14. This is such a great idea..love it and love the pistachio paint color you chose!

  15. I LOVE this!!! The colors you painted it are fantastic!! Now I want one.....with no idea where I'd put it. LOL

  16. very cute and perfect for a summer project - could you post on my linky party? http://the4rsRamblings.blogspot.com

  17. It looks fabulous! Love the color you used! Thanks for linking up to my Catch a Glimpse party this week!

  18. Love the color and the organizer. I been wanting to make one of these myself!!

    Would also love to invite you to our link up party at Nothing But Country. Would love to share this idea with our readers as well.

    Great job!!

  19. Adorable! I like the bottom piece with the holes =)

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  20. Very cute! Really like the color. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Love the look, I think I see one of these in my future to place on my porch. Thanks for the great idea.

  22. Very lovely and creative! Thanks for sharing!!

    My link up :)

  23. Absolutely darling! I'm going to have to try this!

  24. Crazy cute! Awesome color pick, too!

    I've started following you!
    If you get a chance, please stop by!

    Brandi at B.Cheniful

  25. this is wonderful! it's on my project list!

  26. I like the fact that you color it! Looks great. Visiting from WhipperBerry party!

  27. Love that green on the great organizer!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  28. I think this is wonderful! I will make one for all my kiddos art supplies for our screened in porch. thanks!


  29. That is such a fun organizer! I just featured it on my blog. :)


  30. Pop it on a lazy susan and put the whole thing in a hard-to-store-things-in-corner and achieve organizer heaven.

  31. I love the combination of copper and green! Found you from HOH #51, I'm your newest follower :)

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