Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wife Points Wednesday: Sweet Treats

(Wife Points Wednesday is a series of posts contain tips for little things you can do to earn wife points. We can all use extra points some days!) 

I'm starting to sense a trend- I guess the way to a man's heart is through my husbands stomach! Today's Wife Points Wednesday is once again about showing someone you care through food. BUT, on a deeper level, it's also about showing someone you care by showing them you are always thinking of them. 

The other night when I made my dad a batch of chocolate covered cherry cookies I saved the leftover chocolate topping. My husband LOVES chocolate covered pretzels. I personally always crave something sweet after eating a meal. It's a bad habit but I don't see myself kicking it anytime soon. I also got my husband hooked on following up salty with sweet so when I pack his lunch every morning I always put a little treat in it for him. 

We've had a seemingly never ending supply of Reese's peanut butter eggs since my mother bought my husband 6 bags for his birthday. Well.... We managed to eat them all up. I sent the last one in his lunch today so I was scrambling to find something to put in his lunch for the rest of the week. 

My grocery store sells bags of chocolate covered pretzels for $2.50 a bag. This is, I think, the sale price- 2/$5.00. I couldn't tell you what they are regularly priced because I will probably never pay regular price for them. Last week my grocery store had Rold Gold pretzels on sale 2/$5 also... a MUCH bigger bag. I also had a $2/2 coupon for Rold Gold, making each bag $1.50- wooo! 

I'm really glad I saved that leftover chocolate! Put the two together and ta-da... cheap homemade chocolate covered pretzels! 

So, now my husband has a sweet snack for his daily lunch but he also knows that I'm always thinking about him... and apparently ways to fatten him up!

Stay tuned next week for a special guest post on Wife Points Wednesday!

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