Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wife Points Wednesday Guest Post: Krista from While He Was Napping

Hello, all you 2010 Housewife readers!  I’m Krista from While He Was Napping.


I posted a Father’s Day edition of this project on my blog.  Tracy saw it, liked it and asked me if I would do a similar project for sweethearts.  I had thought of the idea, but now had a reason to act on it.  So, here it is:

We don’t drink alcohol, but we do love us some good sparkling juice.  Costco sells the IZZE brand in a twelve pack during the summer months.  Sometimes it’s hard to find during the winter though, so you may want to plan accordingly.  But you can always buy root beer or other soda at the grocery store or Wal-Mart.  It’s sold year-round.

This is a great date night kit.  Sweets, Snuggling and Smooches.  The perfect trifecta.  Here’s the how:

1)  Obtain 6 (you could do more or less, as you desire) empty, clean glass bottles.  I used the IZZE brand from Costco, as mentioned above.  We had to empty the bottles (a horrible sacrifice… lol) before I could do anything with them.  Make sure you wash them thoroughly and let them dry completely before you try to fill them.  There’s nothing worse than gross candy.

2)  Gather your fillers.  My Mr. Right LOVES Whoppers, so he got a bottle of those.  Popcorn for the movie, Peanut M&M’s, heart-shaped Sweet Tarts, and soft Worther’s caramels rounded out my fillers.  I also used a “fun filler” for my last bottle… Some lingerie.  If you decide on that, you’ll want your piece to be small and made of mostly lace or another thin fabric.


3)  Fill your empty bottles with the candy or whatever else you want to fill them with.  Put the lids back on.  The IZZE brand bottles are twist top.  The easy part is done.


4)  Now, this part takes some time, but it makes the gift.  If you’re rushed you can stop here, but I promise this next part is totally worth it.

5) Create a label for your bottles.  I included an ingredients list, manufactured information, the big label and a nutrition label.  I created my label in PhotoShop.  Measure your bottle for the correct dimensions. Print and trim to the correct size.  I used the hot glue gun to secure them, as it was quick and easy.


6)  If I’d had a few more hours to cross off all the things on my to-do list that day, I would have covered the box and made it all cute too.  But, I ran out of time.  So, if you’ve got some extra time decorate your box all cute!

Now, you can’t tell me this wouldn’t be a hit for the Sweetheart in your life.  So, start saving those glass bottles!  =]

Thanks for having me, Tracy!  I hope you all enjoyed this and will come visit all the fun going on over at While He Was Napping.



  1. Thanks for being my first guest post Krista! You know how much I love this idea! If anyone else wants to create this fun project, check here tomorrow for a post on a deal at Target that will get you a 4 pack of bottles that would be great for this!

  2. They're a great idea. I'm thinking of making one up for my man for our anniversary next week.