Thursday, May 19, 2011

Multiple Transactions at Target

To follow-up my post from the other day on breaking-up your shopping into multiple transactions, I thought I would post about my trip today to Target, which I did 3 transactions for. (I've posted all the deals along with the transaction breakdown, all of which should still be available through this Saturday, May 21st.)

Transaction #1

I don't normally buy these coffee drinks, because I think they are overpriced but I wanted to get them to make my own Husband 6-Pack.... er 4-Pack, as featured on the Wife Point's Wednesday Guest Post by Krista. I also have another gift idea use for them which I'll hopefully be posting at some point in the future.

2 Starbuck's Frappuccino 4 packs @ $5.79 each = $11.58
-$2/2 Starbuck's Frappuccino 4 pack coupon from PepsiCo Moments insert (5/1)
Paid $9.58
Got $5 gift card

Transaction #2

I wanted to take advantage of the health & beauty gift card deal to stock-up on the deodorant my husband likes (and get a pack for me too). This should last him quite awhile!

4 2-packs of Degree deodorant @ $4 each = $16
-$2 ($1 off 1 x 2) Degree Target coupon (available here) *You can only print 2 of each Target coupon per computer.
-$5 gift card, from Transaction #1
=$9 + .54 tax = $9.54 out of pocket

That's $1.19 per deodorant!!!

Transaction #3

The "everything else" transaction.

6 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross travel first aid kits @ $.97 each - $1/2 coupon (from last week's newspaper) = $.47 each
*I like to keep these on hand for small gifts. They are nice to have in the car or in your work desk

2 Sally Hansen nail files and 2 toe spacers $1 each - $1 off Sally Hansen nail care item Target Coupon = all FREE!
*I thought these would be nice to add to a gift basket

2 packages Sweet Tarts & 2 packages Hot Tamales @ $1 each = $4 (to add to the Husband 6-pack)

Package of Target brand Sour Patch kids $1.75  (Also for the Husband 6-pack)
*A much smaller bag of the name brand candy was on sale for $2, sometimes it pays to look around.

2 Up&Up (Target brand) Peroxide @ $.62 each - $.50 Target Coupon = $.12 each

2 Up&Up Nail Polish Removers @ $.97 each - $.50 Target Coupon= $.47 each

(not pictured- a Bertoli bagged meal on clearance for $3.27)

I picked these things up because I thought they were good deals and things we could use. All in all on this transaction I paid $8.02 after the $5 gift card from Transaction #2.

Total spent today: $27.14 for 30 items with savings totaling $26.10.

Not my best Target haul but I got a few items I needed for gifts and was able to stockpile up on some health & beauty items we use. I was pretty pleased. I've paid up to $3.69 regular price for my husband's deodorant so even if I paid $27.14 for just 8 deodorants that would be a savings.

How do you think I did? Anybody else find any great deals at Target this week?

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