Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wife Points Wednesday: Love Letters

(Wife Points Wednesday is a series of posts contain tips for little things you can do to earn wife points. We can all use extra points some days!)

For our first Christmas together (2008), I tried to find as many freebies online as I could to use for stocking stuffers. I love stockings- they are my favorite part of Christmas. I love reaching down into the huge Dollar Tree stockings we have and pulling little thing after little thing out. It’s like getting dozens of presents at once! So, I always go overboard on stocking stuffers for my family, although 2008 marked my first year of living on my own after graduate school and I was broke. That year I got into reading websites & blogs that listed free samples & products companies were giving away if you signed up online. I started signing up for freebies a couple months before Christmas and stocked all of them away for my parents' and (now) husband's stockings.

One of my favorite companies that gives out free or significantly reduced stuff all the time is
Vistaprint. All you have to do is sign up on their website for email offers and every week you will receive an email containing all sorts of cool deals. One common promotion they send is a box of 250 free business cards. (You will need to pay shipping; we’re talking a couple bucks and sometimes you can stack a couple different free or half-off product offers in one transaction to save on shipping charges.) Well, I wasn’t in the market for business cards at the time, but wanted to find a way to turn them into something creative for my husband's stocking. So, I made love letter cards!

All you have to do is pick a design they offer and remove all of the standard contact information found on a business card and then put a special message at the top or bottom. I used “I love you because...” and left the rest of the card blank for my husband and I to fill in our own message. We leave these for each other around the house, stick them in lunch bags or hide them in suitcases when one of us is traveling alone. It’s a sweet, simple and inexpensive way to remind your partner often how you feel about him/her.

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