Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Heart Heartsy

I think Heartsy is super cool and I hope you do too! Heartsy is a new site that, like Groupon, sells discounted gift certificates for online stores. But, here's the fun part, all the stores are Etsy shops! (You know how much I love Etsy!)


Here's how it works:
Sign up to receive the daily emails or "like" Heartsy on Facebook. Each day there are about five gift certificate deals at significant savings. For example, here are today's deals (Sunday):

$10 for a $24 store credit at Stephanie Kay Design: Sells baby bibs, blankets, burping clothes, and other items for baby, as well as a few gifts for mom.

$11 for a $24 store credit at Sakura Candy Bake Shop: Sells chocolate covered stuff, 'nuf said!

$10 for a $20 store credit at Pom Flair: Sells tissue paper Pom-Poms for wedding & party decorations.

$14 for a $32 store credit at Belle Hibou: Sells mostly jewelry, very vintagey. <new word alert>

$12 for a $30 store credit at Bedtime Beads: Sells beaded jewelry, mostly earrings and necklaces.

These deals are good for one day only, though it appears at times they will extend a deal until the vouchers sell out. There are a limited number of store credit vouchers for each shop available so if you see a deal you are interested in I would jump on it. I'd also suggest using your voucher ASAP, as it's a little later in the day and it appears some of the stores are running low on stock already. The store credits do also have an expiration date so be weary of that. But if a store runs out of an item you would like, wait a couple weeks and check again. I'm sure they will all be restocking the shelves as soon as they can.

Now, I haven't purchased a Heartsy voucher myself yet... but I see one I'm interested in so gotta run! Has anybody found a great deal on Heartsy yet? If so, send me an email at 2010housewife@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

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