Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wife Points Wednesday: Turn a Nag into a Joke

(Wife Points Wednesday is a series of posts contain tips for little things you can do to earn wife points. We can all use extra points some days!) 

I didn't think coming up with a Wife Points Wednesday topic would get so hard so soon! Everything I think of involves food or buying something, so to avoid setting the precedent that men only speak the language of food and toys I really wanted to come up with something different to do for my man this week.

While cleaning up around the house I discovered my husband's stash of socks. He watches TV in his man cave every night and it never fails... his socks come off and land in the same spot on the floor. There they stay, and accumulate, until I find them and nag, nag, nag him to stop leaving his socks piled up on the floor. 

While working on an organization project over the weekend I emptied a storage bin that was previous in use so I decided to make a funny:

In case you can't see, the label on the bin says "SOCKS." It's a sock bin! A bin... for his socks! So when he takes them off they will land in a storage bin and therefore he bypasses my complaint of them piling up on the floor. Get it?!? 

I figured since the nagging wasn't really working I'd take another route. He hasn't found it yet... fingers crossed he finds it funny too!

Happy Wife Points Wednesday!

PS: I tried making my husband his own version of Krista's Husband 6-Pack (from While He Was Napping) but I had a little set back: He came home & caught me! :( 

Here is as far as I got:

I used a 4 pack of Starbuck's Frappuccinos that I bought at Target last week and filled them with sunflower seeds, sweet tarts, hot tamales and sour patch kids. I remembered to spray paint the lids and was getting ready to cover the box when he came home. It's not a 6 pack of beer so I was going to make it a work-appropriate 4 pack so he can have his pick after lunch of what sweet treat he wants.  

Oh well, I'll surprise him next time. He liked it and wouldn't let me waste the paper to finish it off. Mission accomplished I guess! :)


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