Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wife Points Wednesday: Guest Post from My Life: Planned in Pencil

Hello fans of The (always awesome) 2010's Housewife.
I'm so excited to be here for Wife Points Wednesday.

I'm PJ from My Life: Planned in Pencil where I share a little bit of everything!  I'm kind of like the crazy guy from the corner of my favorite flea market.  He sells pictures, mostly of Al Pacino in Scarface and Sponge Bob Square Pants, he calls out to the people passing by, "A Little Bit Of Everything For A Little Bit Of Everybody!"
That's me.

When Tracy invited people to guest post for Wife Points Wednesday I jumped at the chance.  I've been married for almost 9 years and maintaining a strong relationship is something that I'm pro-active and passionate about.  Fairy Tales lead us to believe that once our Prince Charming shows up then we live happily ever after... they don't show us that Prince Charming might have a drinking problem, or that Rapunzel might end up being a hoarder!

Most of the crafts that I do are NOT geared towards my husband.
He could care less about the cool cork balls I made....

Or the crazy red mirror I remade for our bathroom....

He couldn't care, but he is SUPER supportive!
So... sure I could remake something for him, right?
That's harder than you think since most of my projects are either sewing or thrift store redos.

Sunday at the flea market I found something that I knew he was going to love.
I'm not a fan of smoking, and don't condone it at all, but from time to time Mr. T enjoys to smoke a cigar or pipe.  Usually when fishing.   

$5 for this!

A pipe and tobacco holder.
Fun, right?
I figured I could make it a little better with my favorite thing.
Spray Paint!
Krylon's Navy Blue for my Navy Boy

When I showed it to him his response was "whoa cool!" so I guess he liked it!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing PJ! I know what you mean- my husband doesn't exactly enjoy most of my hobbies but he is supportive, so I guess we can support them back.... even when it isn't our favorite hobby of theirs!

  2. I love the pipe and tobacco holder. My hubby is the same, loves his pipe and cigars. I am not too much of a crafter but I always enjoy others. That being said, will you post a how to on the cork balls?

  3. Aren't PJ's cork balls awesome, Terri?!?

    PJ is guest posting for me today, so head on over to her blog, My Life: Planned in Pencil to check our her cork tutorial:

    And thanks for stopping by The 2010's Housewife!

  4. Thanks for linking up for me Tracy! The cork balls are my favorite project, and most popular post to date :)

  5. Very cool - way to make the hubby happy!