Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vocalpoint Loves my Laundry

I honestly cannot believe that I haven't told you all about Vocalpoint yet!

"Vocalpoint is a community of moms," says Vocalpoint. Well, I'm not a mom... yet, but I love Vocalpoint so please don't get deterred by that statement. Vocalpoint is a website that allows you to review products, get coupons & samples for new products, learn household tips & talk to other moms (and non-moms) about all sorts of mom (and non-mom) topics of interest.

It's a legit site. I promise! And so worth becoming a part of. Since joining I have received way too many coupons to list, including coupons to try new products for free. All they ask in return is that you come back & tell them what you think about it afterwards. The best thing about Vocalpoint though is that the surveys are not annoying long & time-wasteful! They are actually pretty short!

If that wasn't convincing enough, looky here at what Vocalpoint just sent me:

That's right, a full-sized product: Downy Unstopables In Wash Scent Booster. AND a new pair of black socks to test it on!

At first I just assumed that Vocalpoint read on my blog post about how annoyed my husband gets when I forget about clothes in the washing machine & they end up smelling like basement. But then I realized that I've never blogged about that. It's just serendipity!

Downy Unstopables is an In-wash scent booster. Okay, so what does that mean? Basically, it's tiny little balls of smell-goodness that you toss into the washing machine before putting your clothes in. Think dippin' dots, only not as tasty. Then, as if by magic, your clothing smells fantastically for days!

I tested it out last week but forgot to pay attention to which load I added it to and which I didn't. But honestly, that wasn't even necessary because it was sooo obvious! My husband pulled a t-shirt out of the basket of laundry that I was ignoring in our bedroom and walked into the living room wafting fresh scent. I received the blue scent, "fresh." It's very, very pleasant.

So, here is my honest review. The fresh scent smells very nice. The bottle has a special scent release where you squeeze the sides and the scent puffs up into the air. I might have done this 30-40 times. It's easy to use and you can select how much booster you want to add. The scent lasts on your clothes a couple days- that is, unless it's a hot as it has been around here lately and your scent starts to overpower it's scent. The snap top lid is a little difficult to open; maybe it will detighten <new word alert> over time.

But, as much as I like it, I'm not sure I would buy it. It depends on how much it costs and how awesome the coupons they put out for it are. I'm also not sure I want an extra step in my laundry process. Laundry is never ending as is, do we really need to prolong the process? With all that said, once I run out and my clothes go back to smelling like basement, I just might change my mind!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I will have to look into it! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am excited to explore your blog more!