Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I cannot pass up a good party!

I should be ashamed to read this, but my google reader has so many unread posts in it that it will only show 1000+ as the number. I am hanging my head in shame! Fortunately, I am eating my lunch at my desk today & have some time to catch up on all the blog awesomeness I have been missing out on, such as Sassy Site's Hello Friend Party!

I like friends & parties so I cannot pass this up. Sassy Sites wants me to answer these questions and then check out all the new friends who are linking up at the party. So, here goes:

Why did you decide to start blogging?

I honestly have no idea. I cannot even remember talking about it much before doing it. I think I ate some bad chinese food one night and developed this plan to open an Etsy shop (which has yet to actually happen) and start a blog, ala Jerry Maguire. I consulted my in-house IT department (the Hubs) and he gave me the thumbs up... and then helped me completely redo my original messy blog design. 

When you aren't blogging, what are you doing?

Thinking about blogging. Lol. No, seriously. Since I write a blog about being a housewife, pretty much anything I do can be a potential blog post, so I am constantly thinking whether or not I could make what I'm doing funny/interesting. Lately, I have been working on said Etsy shop- creating inventory & investigating starting an LLC. (If anyone has any advice on this, please contact my people! And by my people, I mean me.) Right now quite a bit of our time is being put towards the deck renovation, but other than that you can usually find me at Target. Or Kohls. Or in the basement doing laundry. 

What is your blog about?

Being a housewife. Learning to live frugally. Decorating a home. Doing good deeds for other people. Marriage. Cooking. Crafting. Awesomeness.

When do you find the time to blog?

I get up at 6am every morning, pack lunches, do the dishes & workout. Then I do my link-up parties & publish the days post. I try to dedicate a weekend day or entire weekend once a month to blog stockpiling- working on projects and writing posts. I also write posts at night while the Hubs watches House. I read other blogs during my lunch hour. 

Why do you love blogging?

I love everything about the blogging community- how open & friendly everyone is, how welcoming & inviting you all have been. I love the support I receive through comments, emails and "friends" and "likes" and pageviews. I also love participating in linky parties & finding inspiration for new projects/posts. 

What is your favorite post so far that you've written?

I love the Modern Translations Series. I enjoy writing them & believe in the purpose of the series. I want my generation (early 20s.... okay, okay, late 20s) to be the first generation to decrease the divorce rate. I believe we can do it, but it's going to take a lot of hard work. Isn't a happy & healthy marriage worth it, though? The little self-reflection exercises I do while writing the MT Series I believe help me become a better wife & above all that is my primary focus. I hope to inspire other wives (and husbands) to dedicate putting time & effort into their marriage. 

Of course, my Budget French Manicure post has been my most popular thus far & brought me so many new friends/readers, so it is probably a very close 2nd. 

That's me! Anything else you want to know? Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email:


  1. Your blog is about awesomeness? Mine too! There are so few of us gorgeous, awesome people in the world! ;)

    I saw you at Sassy's and I'm your newest follower! Love the blog!

  2. You blog is so cute, I love it. I am visiting from sassy sites & I'm your #101 follower YIPPEE! You can check out my blog if you'd like

  3. Coming to you via Sassy Sites! Great to meet you and can't wait to read more from your blog!

  4. Saw you on Sassy Sites, and several other sites too! Your blog is so stinkin' cute! Great job!