Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pure Pinterest Genius

As you know, I am ADDICTED to Pinterest! Even more so now since today Pinterest seems to have played the genius card. Seriously- Good Will Hunting smartness happening here. My favorites posts today:

Swiffer Sock, Courtesy An English Accent

Typographic Wrapping Paper, Courtesy Man Made DIY

Crushed Can Vases, Courtesy Love of the Sea

Pillowcase Sleeping Bag, Courtesy GLTC
Office Chair Redo, Courtesy Better After
Spray Painted Folding Chairs, Courtesy Manuel
Flower Arranging Secrets, Courtesy Martha
Recycled Shopping Cart/Chair, Courtesy Web Urbanist
Bed in a Closet, Courtesy Sweet Home Style
Coloring Book Organizer (aka Dish Rack), Courtesy Heather JS Life


  1. Love, love, love some of these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have pinned some/most of these already... I'm a freaking addict too! Whatever did I do with my nights before pinterest, oh yes! I actually crafted, LOL

  3. Love the idea of using mismatched socks for the swiffter! Cool!