Monday, August 1, 2011

Modern Translation: The Awesome Wife's Guide (Rule #14)

(This is the 15th post of this series. Click here to read the entire series.) 

* Don’t complain if he’s late home for dinner or even if he stays out all night. Count this as minor compared to what he might have gone through that day. 

I think I'll break this rule down piece by piece. 

"Don't complain if he's late home for dinner..."

My initial thought is "don't complain if you come home & there is no dinner." Manners apply to everyone, even husbands. If I am taking the time & energy to loving cooking a meal for you, than it's only polite to be on time & hungry. I have no problem if the Hubs is late, as long as he calls & gives me the heads up. It's just common courtesy.

"... or even if he stays out all night."

Unacceptable. Non-negotiable. Seriously, did the 1950's husband just randomly stay out all night without telling his wife? And did she seriously just deal with it because he's job is stressful? That's a bunch of B.S. Husband- listen up. If you decide to stay out all night without telling me, I will sit at home all night long switching back & forth from worried out of my mind to plotting just how I am going to rip you a new one. There is a 50% chance of me thinking on the latter when you finally decide to walk your butt back in through that door. How do you like those odds?

 "Count this as minor compared to what he might have gone through that day."

Missing dinner, okay... I can see that. Not spending the night at home- not a chance in h - e - double hockey sticks what he dealt with that day will compare to the worry I went through that night. With that said, I recognize & understand that my husband has a stressful job. I try to do all that I can at home to help him deal with and shake off that stress after hours. That's my job. 

However, does having a stressful job give someone permission to be rude or have bad manners? No. Does it give you the right to be a bad husband? No. Am I going to have my own stressful days & require some tending from him every now & again? Yes. Is there a chance we will both have a stressful day & end up taking it out on each other? Probably more than once.

Such is life. 

Dear 1950's Housewife,

I don't know whether to nominate you for sainthood or check you into a mental hospital! You had me until the "out all night" business. 

I've heard that relationships are suppose to be 50-50. However, I think they work better when they are 100-100; when each person gives 100% of the love they have to give, 100% of their effort, 100% of themselves... and respects the other 100% of the time. 

You don't always have to agree with one another, but you have to always, always be respectful of one another, and some of the things you talk about lead me to believe your husband doesn't fully respect you. Staying out all night without calling- that's just disrespectful. As is being late for dinner, for that matter. 

I think it's time you give the man of yours a piece of your mind! And that's what I have to say about that. 

Have a pleasant day, 

The 2010's Housewife


  1. OK, this series is genius. If my husband stayed out all night, you'd better believe I'd be complaining. The nicest thing I'll do to him is complain. Love this!

  2. My husband may find his clothing strewn all over the front lawn if he stayed out all night with no phone call. E Gads!

  3. No matter how stressful his day is, trust me, that feeling would be nothing compared to the new one I'd definitely rip him if he stayed out all night without calling.

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