Saturday, April 23, 2011

Showin' Some Love!

Since the '50s housewives shared recipes, household tips and cups of sugar I think it's only fair that I share with you my absolute favorite blog in the whole, wide world:
Hip 2 Save
I think Mrs. 1950sHousewife would have loved Collin and her family of bargain bloggers! Hip2Save: Not Your Grandma's Coupon Site is (in my opinion) the best couponing blog online today. Collin regularly posts all the best shopping deals online and in a variety of stores everyday and does so with the best sense of humor. Seriously- just watch one of her videos! 

Hip2Save is a great site for newbie coupon shoppers. The new show Extreme Couponing may scare you but I promise you will not be scared away by Collin. She will teach you all you need to know to save your family money without requiring a second garage for your toothpaste stockpile. Hip2Save is the site that really got me into coupon shopping and I still read their posts everyday on my Google Reader. So check it out and be certain to watch Hip's Video Series.