Friday, April 29, 2011

The Housewife Wedding vs. The Royal Wedding

No, no... I don't mean in a showdown. That would be mean and pointless... because of course my wedding would win. (wink, wink)

Here is what I think my wedding had in common with the Royal Wedding:

Kate and I both wore wedding dresses.
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That's about it! I kid... but not really. We did both have handsome men in uniform in our weddings.

Image Courtesy Cardens Photography

Image Courtesy Star 100.7 Pittsburgh

And here are the ways in which our two weddings differed:

The big secret is out... my uncle is not an ordained minister. Shock! Don't worry- we are legally married. The Hubs and I had a private ceremony at the courthouse a few weeks before the big to-do. It was important to us to have someone special in our lives perform our wedding ceremony and since the State of PA doesn't recognize online ordainment we opted to get the piece of paper first and make the emotional commitment in front of all our friends and family later. I would strongly recommend this route to anyone- it took such pressure off me the day of because no matter what happened I knew we were already married. I'm pretty sure Will and Kate didn't have a courtroom ceremony.... complete with a Federal Penitentiary prisoner as witness. (True story!)

I don't think the Royal Family will be participating in a Photo Booth, even though I think they totally should!

Image Courtesy Cardens Photography 

I could be partial, but Prince William's grooms cake was nowhere near as awesome as the Flying Lizard car cake I surprised my husband with!

Image Courtesy Cardens Photography

Okay kids, this was fun but I'm having a heck of a time making all these photos line up and it's wearing me out. So, there you go. I hope that Will and Kate are as happy as my husband and I are!