Friday, April 29, 2011

Showin' Some Love! Royal Edition

Showin' Some Love! Royal Edition!

I did not wake up at 5am to watch the Royal Wedding, but since Good Morning America is part of my morning routine I did get to catch a bit of it. I will be happy to have our regular news back soon but I love a good wedding and it makes me happy to see couples in love. So, today I am going to post a few Royal Wedding Related posts!

To jump start the day I am going to Show Some Love for another of my favorite Bloggers, her Royal Highness Herself, The Yard Sale Queen!

The Yard Sale Queen

I found the Yard Sale Queen a couple years ago when googling tips for having a successful yard sale. Years later, and even when I'm not planning a yard sale, I still read her blog. She has a great sense of humor (sort of dry, like mine, and very sarcastic) and finds awesome deals. She keeps me motivated to keep digging for treasures!

Her website has a lot of great tips on how to yard sail and sell and her blog is where she posts all the fabulous items she finds yard sailing as well as general tips on spending less and saving more. So be sure to check Her Royal Highness out soon!