Monday, September 5, 2011

Modern Translation: The Awesome Wife's Guide (Rule #18)

* A good wife always knows her place. 

Oh I know my place alright. At least I do now. My place is beside my husband. 

The last couple of months have been stressful for my family. My husband and I are both dealing with unrelated but simultaneous health issues. As a result, I haven't been able to blog as much as I would have or wanted to. I have been feeling guilty for each week that went by with few and, I admit, weak posts. Behind the scenes, I've also felt guilty about not having the energy to keep the house clean and not having cooked a real meal in over a month now. 

The other morning I woke up and, as per usual, started running through the list of things that needed accomplished that day, then the list of things I could have accomplished a couple months ago, and finally the list of what I though I could maybe get accomplished that day- if I was having a good day. I finally gave myself permission to not blog last week and that really helped. But now that I've done some thinking and reminded myself of my priorities, I need to give myself permission to not feel guilty about not blogging. 

I've read a number of blog posts about finding a balance in one's life between work, home and blogging. It seems every blogger reaches a point at least once over their career where they need to give themselves a hearty dose of reality about in which order those three things fall on the priority scale. I didn't think my wake up call would be coming so soon!

Don't get me wrong- I love blogging, I am not burnt out on it and I soooo plan to continue blogging. Right now, however, I need to put my money where my mouth is and truly place all my focus and energy on getting myself, my husband and our home back into shape.This rule couldn't have come at a better time because I truly needed to remind myself where my place is. I love my blog life, but my place is first and foremost beside my husband, as the best and healthiest wife/person I can be. 

So, I am taking the month of September off. I don't want to do too many things not very well. I want to get back to where I can feel proud of myself and say that I am tackling every venture of my life the best I possibly can. I will be spending the month bringing "healthy" back into mine & my husbands lives, finding my blogging inspiration and stockpiling some awesome posts for October, and putting all the pieces of the puzzle back to where they need to be. 

I don't want to worry anyone- neither of us is dealing with a serious illness. We are just learning to live with some minor health issues that haven't let either of us feel like ourselves lately. 

I appreciate your understanding and the best support anyone can give us is to stick around- don't go anywhere because I will be back and (fingers crossed) better than ever with some BIG SURPRISES!


  1. Prayers going out to you and your husband.. hope all things go well..and not to worry.. we'll all be around to check back in on you in October.. best of luck and get some rest!

  2. must take some rest and every thing will be good our prayers are with you.

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  3. take loads of rest :) hugss

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